About us

We are the leading Water Treatment Company in the industry when it comes to preventing disasters due to failed equipment and truly minimizing your operational costs:

Most people have no idea what their water treatment company is doing or not doing for them.

95 percent of the water treatment companies are not saving you water, sewage fees, electricity.  Your equipment is being consumed by corrosion which is costing companies millions upon millions of dollars in equipment replacement costs by mechanical service companies which could have been prevented.

We are the company who instated sewage rebate credits for the water evaporated by your cooling towers.

We have performed water treatment in 5 different counties.

We are the only company in Arizona with degreed chemists, Aqua Biologist on staff.

We custom formulated our own products designed to give you top performance in the waters’ occurring in Arizona.  We are not a one product fits all company.

We have been doing business in Arizona for over 33 years.

Our goal is to provide our customers’ with excellent savings performance.

water treatmentWe are the only water treatment company to have a Chemist, Biologist, and Industrial Engineer on staff. With over 30 years of experience servicing Arizona, Chemical Technologies Intl. has the knowledge and resources  necessary to handle all of your water treatment needs.

We specialize in cooling towers, boilers, closed systems, thermal storage, critical environment, filtration systems, R.O. systems, humidification and water softeners.


operating in Arizona since 1986

As a small business, we understand the need for one-on-one care for all of our customers to ensure maximum efficiency.